Proteus Leather Club

Proteus was founded by Touko and Mal to be a leather club for people from all walks of life, and at all stages of their leather journey. We focus on uplifting trans people and providing safe spaces and a platform for our voices within the wider leather and kink community.

So what does that have to do with an ancient Greek god?

Proteus is an older sea god in Greek mythology, sometimes called “the old man of the sea.”

As a god of knowledge, Proteus was said to have an awareness of all things. Past, present and future alike. He was often sought out for answers to oracular questions, even appearing in Homer’s Odyssey.

In this vein, Proteus was also known to be a speaker of truth. This is something we would like to embody as a club, allowing trans people to live their truth.

It’s also worth noting that Proteus was a shape-shifter. To this day the term “protean” means something which is changeable, mouldable or in a state of flux.

On one hand this is an obvious choice for a group of trans people, but we feel it is deeper too. We believe that our club and our community should move and change and grow to accommodate and support the people within it. While we have set out rules and ideals these should be subject to scrutiny, and able to adapt to the needs of members.

As founders, we would like to mention that the club has taken a lot of cues from the ONYX leather club and surrounding community. Their success in creating spaces for Leather People of Colour has certainly inspired us.

Thank you, for paving the way.